Wheelchair-friendly 4-bedroom villa, Rotonda West Florida

THE VILLA on Rotonda West, Florida, is as wheelchair-friendly as we could make it. Wheelchair users should have easy access via the double-opening front doors and gentle slope from the drive to the front door. The threshold has been kept to a minimum, but there is a slight ledge in order to keep out creatures.

Once inside the villa you’ll find the pool shower has good access and a flat floor to allow easy access to the shower itself.

A shower chair (right) is found in the garage, and if you need assistance in bringing it through please contact Kurt at Gulf Coast Management and Maintenance.

The pool hoist will be in place if you have requested this and instructions on use are found in the blue Guest Information folder.

If there is anything else that you feel would be beneficial either for your own use or for subsequent wheelchair-using guests, do please let us know via email of by leaving a comment on this blog.

  • If you are not a wheelchair user and you find the pool hoist is still in place from a previous guest please do not attempt to move it yourself. Call Kurt at Gulf Coast Management and Maintenance and he will be pleased to come and move it for you.

Pool hoist is a Swim-Lift Model 325 from Spectrum Aquatics

  • Designed to meet the new requirements for ADA compliance. Unit includes an adjustable footrest and flip-up outer arm. The seat rotates a full 180 degrees. This model has a 4 1/2″ solid stainless steel cylinder that lifts 400 lbs. at 55 PSI. Static tested at 1200 lbs. Strongest lift system available. Operating lever adjacent to the seat in all positions. Seat is 17″ high and 19″ wide. Dual anchor points with transport wheels are standard.

» Vendor Information

  • Spectrum Products
  • 7100 Spectrum Lane
  • Missoula, MT, 59808
  • Toll Free: (800) 791-8056
  • Phone: (406) 542-9781
  • Toll Free Fax: (800) 791-8057
  • http://www.spectrumproducts.com/


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