What’s a pool cage?

IF YOU’VE never been to Florida before you might be wondering what the construction at the back of the villa is.

The frame is supporting a very fine mesh, which is designed to keep flies and such-like out of your living space. This has two benefits – it means the pool stays free of little creepy crawlies and it means you don’t get nibbled!

However, we have regrettably had rare occasions where guests have not respected the pool cage and have been careless with furniture or ball games, resulting in damage which requires an expensive repair. We know that most of our guests appreciate the high quality of their accommodation and see the value of taking care of items which bring notable benefits – of which the pool cage is one. Thank you for falling into the category of those who take care during your stay :o)

There’s a note in the house manual about the importance of keeping the pool cage doors closed but not locked, so please take a moment to read that. Many thanks.

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