Upon arrival

YOU’LL FIND a few little notes to check in the House Manual on your first morning. It’s crucial that you take time to read this before doing anything else, so just have a brew and settle in for a short read on your first morning.

For example, you’re probably looking forward to your first dip in the pool after your journey, and you’ll find two things in place for your comfort and safety.

First up, there’s the pool guard, which is there by State law to prevent accidents for those with little ones. If you want to remove the guard it’s pretty straightforward. There are little hooks with a tiny spring, so simply ease back the spring, release the hook and carefully remove each guard post from its hole. As you remove each section of the guard please take care to fold and store neatly out of the way. We suggest the right-hand side of the lanai (pool side).

Then you’ll want to remove the pool cover. This is in place to retain the water heat, so it’s in your interest to replace this at the end of each day.

Again, please take care rolling up the cover, and when you lift it out of the way please do so by having two people do this job. Gently roll the cover on to the main roller and then lift the end by holding the main roller,  not the end support. Please lift rather than drag, otherwise damage will occur. Thank you.

Pool guard neatly stored by hose on lanai









Pool cover in place









Lift the roller with one person at each end

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