Driving in The States

WE’RE ASSUMING that you’ve read about driving in the States, but here are a few reminders, as well as a link to a more comprehensive guide at the end of the post if you haven’t done any of your own research yet.

4-Way Stop junctions

As you approach a 4-Way Stop junction it’s essential that you stop at the white line. You must stop, even if there is no other traffic in sight. Traffic cops will pounce on an unwary driver who rolls up to the junction and swings through without coming to a complete halt.

If other cars are at the junction the order of arrival signifies who has right of way.

So, for example if you and another car are approaching at roughly the same time but the other car comes to a halt just before you do, they get to move off first, irrespective of whether they’re going straight ahead, turning left or turning right.

Right turn on a red light

When approaching traffic lights for a right turn it’s permissible to turn right even if the light is red.

However you must have stopped at the junction and checked that there are no other vehicles approaching from the left and that there are no pedestrians crossing. Edge forward slowly and take great care before pulling on to the highway.

Bear this rule in mind when you’re approaching traffic lights when there are multiple lanes. If you choose the right-hand lane the car behind you might be impatient that you have chosen that lane even though you’re going straight on, thus blocking their ability to make their right turn on red.

  • For more comprehensive and invaluable notes please see the following guide from Just Landed … 

What you need to know when driving in the US

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