A load of balls at Long Marsh Golf Club, Rotonda West, Florida

SORRY TO be so crude, but that’s what I found over the past few days at Long Marsh Golf Club, Rotonda West, Florida.

One of the best reasons to come here is the lovely outlook of the villa – I’m typing this looking out over the pool, some lawn, then a lake, and then the third fairway of Long Marsh Golf Club. Don’t worry, it’s in the distance, so if you stay at the villa it’s far enough away for you to hear only the faintest ‘click’ as a player tees off. Even then it’s only the shots of the best players who hit the ball the hardest. The others – well, you’ll hardly know they’re there unless someone slices the ball and it lands in the pepper trees on the edge of the lake.

If you do see someone perform such a shot you can lob their stray ball across the lake and back on to the fairway. The other option is to have a little browse around like me after play has finished for the day.

The golf ball haul begins to grow

After rummaging around in the brush under the pepper trees I have a haul of 42 balls – sliced, gone and now long forgotten, except by my golfing friends back home, who I hope will put them to good use.

Incidentally, the tee in question is the 3rd, so some players won’t have got very far before having to dig out a second ball to play with.

  • Here’s our view of the 3rd fairway from our villa. The image at the top of this post is of the 4th hole.

  • P.S. Take care by the water’s edge – in fact don’t go too close. There’s a ’Gator on patrol, keeping guard over its little one! If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse, as did our neighbour, who showed us a picture on his camera. Quite a sight.
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